Don’t let your weakest link bring your business down, writes Paul Barber, an infrastructure manager from managed service provider IT Specialists.

We’ve all heard the saying “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. When it comes to your organisation’s cyber resilience, the figurative chain is built with a blend of IT infrastructure and employee practices. A balance between the two is critical. You might have a seemingly impenetrable network perimeter, but if a hapless employee downloads a malicious file onto their computer from a phishing email, you have a weak link.

On the other hand, perhaps your employees are cyber savvy and diligently follow IT security best practices. However, if security tools are outdated or underpowered ‒ such as the unpatched Windows systems that allowed the easy spread of the ongoing global WannaCry ransomware attack ‒ then, again, you have a weak link. As an IT infrastructure manager for IT Specialists (ITS), a managed services provider (MSP) specialising in small- to medium-sized businesses, I’ve seen both types of weak links all too often. Businesses everywhere are having a challenging time forging a strong chain of security as they battle rapidly increasing and evolving cyber threats. The key to responding to today’s threats and challenges is to quickly achieve a unified cybersecurity strategy that addresses the following three questions.

Are your employees educated on security best practices?

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