Planning and practice can keep you prepared for a ransomware attack

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) plans are a crucial strategy for preventing and recovering from ransomware attacks.

Organisations from many industries have recently fallen victim to the increasingly popular cyber threat known as ransomware. Financial institutions, government agencies, hospitals and more have all been targets of this type of malware, which essentially holds a system or device hostage until the victim pays a specified amount of money to the perpetrator.

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Petya Ransomware Returns, Wrapped In Extra Nastiness

There’s no honour among thieves, as a group of attackers has hijacked the Petya ransomware and use it in targeted attacks against companies without the program creators’ knowledge.

A computer Trojan dubbed PetrWrap, being used in attacks against enterprise networks, installs Petya on computers and then patches it on the fly to suit its needs, according to security researchers from antivirus vendor Kaspersky Lab. Matt Kingswood, UK Head of Managed Service Provider at IT Specialists commented below.

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IoT devices – what are the risks?

With Internet of Things (IoT) annual revenues expected to exceed $470 billion by 2020, it makes sense to understand the risks associated with connected technology. Everyday office devices such as security cameras, printers and wireless speakers may seem safe, but without implementing effective security measures, they could be putting your business at risk.

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Can former employees access your data?

There’s a recipe for disaster brewing at your company right now. Job hopping is a growing trend in the global economy, and the UK hasn’t been spared. While many have debated the pros, cons and potential effects of job hopping, one possible problem stemming from the practice seems to have been forgotten.

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