Top 10 Business Continuity Disasters


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Reasons for BC manager

Companies have never faced such a complex blend of challenges as they do now, from evermore involved regulatory hurdles, global weather incidents, cybersecurity scares and even Brexit. Given this huge range of threats to monitor, it’s no surprise that the role of the business continuity manager has come of age to cope with the onslaught, moving beyond their traditional role as a cost centre and into a more central role in business strategy.

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The human cloud

The scenes of Delta Air Lines passengers stranded in airports around the world following a data centre outage that brought down their computer systems is a sobering reminder of how, with the globalisation of cloud-based systems, a localised outage can escalate into a worldwide business catastrophe.

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What Pokémon GO can mean for your BYOD policy

With more than 100 million downloads in its first month, Pokémon GO is certainly a global phenomenon. However, for many users, the device used to chase down Pokémon like Pikachu is the same device used to access and update confidential company data during the day – and that can present a serious risk for companies. Knockoff apps, stolen devices and outdated software can turn your company’s bring your own device (BYOD) practice into a nightmare.

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Four benefits from outsourcing your IT service desk

Supporting your organisation’s IT infrastructure with an internal service desk has become increasingly difficult. Technology is constantly changing, so keeping employees up-to-date with product training – in addition to general staffing and employment costs – can be a large burden, both financially and time-wise, for IT departments.

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