Cyber weakest link?

Don’t let your weakest link bring your business down, writes Paul Barber, an infrastructure manager from managed service provider IT Specialists.

We’ve all heard the saying “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. When it comes to your organisation’s cyber resilience, the figurative chain is built with a blend of IT infrastructure and employee practices. A balance between the two is critical. You might have a seemingly impenetrable network perimeter, but if a hapless employee downloads a malicious file onto their computer from a phishing email, you have a weak link.

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Your Data Security Precautions Rely on One Overlooked Trait

If you’re responsible for your business’s IT systems in any capacity, then you can attest to the fact that the buzz around customer data has shifted dramatically over the last few years. The industry has developed a laser focus on the threat of security breaches that compromise both your business and your customer base, and the onus is on you to protect that data – especially with the General Data Protection Regulation going into effect later this year.

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